An Increase In Pet Ownership Means Higher Demand for Vet Clinics

Most people love animals, so much so that they want at least one animal roaming around their house or apartment. With this love for the furred, feathered, or scaled creatures, it only makes sense that as the human population grows so will the amount of pet ownership. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), pet ownership is definitely on the rise. And according to further research by the major veterinarian group, Millenials are the ones with the highest level of pet ownership.

What does this mean for current and incoming veterinarians? Only good news.

Supply and Demand Comes Into Play

It’s pretty much Economics 101. The demand for pets, especially within the younger demographics, means that only is there a higher demand for high skilled and more veterinarians, but there will continue to be this demand in the long-term.

According to the AVMA, dogs, at 38%, are the leading animals when it comes to pet ownership, followed by cats at approximately 25%. Interestingly enough, there has been a substantial increase in the ownership of “specialty or exotic pets”. In fact, over the past five years, there has been a 25% increase in poultry as pets.

For Texas-based veterinarians who have been in the business for just a few years or even a few decades, this is great news, but it also means there is a chance that more competition is around the corner. As the amount of pets and specializations of pets increase, the demand for skilled vets among typical and atypical animals will increase. This leads not simply to a need for more vets, but for better veterinary clinics.

Better Veterinarian Clinics, Please!

Veterinarian clinics of today need to come standard with the latest medical technology, more rooms for handling various types of animals, and proper kennels for each specie of animal. It isn’t just that more people are caring for animals, but it’s also that new owners are starting to care more for their animals, as made evident from bumper stickers, t-shirts, and activism.

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Meet the Veterinarian Clinic Veteran for Your Project

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As Vision Needs Increase, Optometrist Market Bolsters

Optometry clinics are on the rise as the Millennial generation begins to take over for the Baby Boomer generation in size and scale. This is all according to research conducted by a market research group.

The amount of annual revenue in the field of optometry is projected to grow exponentially, and from recent on-going trends, the Millennials look to be playing a large role in that growth.

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Your Houston-Based Medical Construction Contractors

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Going Independent? Make Your Eye Clinic Stand Out

Most optometrists wish to begin and continue as an independent business. With so many independent ODs, each one should stand out for positive reasons. At HM General Contractors, our goal as designers and builders is to construct an eyecare clinic that impresses and is a place patients want to go.

Every optometrist is different and brings their own style and personality. Their vision clinic should do the same. Our designers specialize in discovering precisely what a client wants and what they need.

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