Summer of Love-ing What We Do: Design and Build

It is officially summer (it started June 20) and HM General Contractors won’t be slowing down. We are gearing up for an incredible summer with numerous projects to be completed.

Diversity and Innovation in All Our Work

HM General Contractors prides itself on innovation. Through our innovative building techniques and designs, we are able to construct facilities in very diverse ways over various industries.

An Ongoing Look at 20 Years of Business

This 2020 we have been subtly celebrating our upcoming 20 year anniversary, which takes place next year. Part of that has been going back through our digital archives of past projects and highlighting them. It has been fun to revisit all the designs and builds we’ve conducted over the years.

Amid Pandemic, HM Still Completing Projects

It would be an understatement to say that what we have been living through is unprecedented. We are living in a time of high risk, which means businesses must conduct themselves responsibly. This is something we have continued to take very seriously with every ongoing project.

Rebranding Because the Customer Always Comes First

HM General Contractors has been undergoing some changes over the past couple of years to positively impact our overall customer experience. You probably noticed our logo and website has changed, but we’ve also made changes to our internal practices.

These internal changes were conducted in order to better serve all of our clients. The focus behind everything we do is continued excellence and constant innovation.

Benefitting Clients and the Industry

Since we launched our company in 2001, we have never wavered in working tirelessly to satisfy our clients. We began as a construction company that focused primarily on the construction of dental, medical, optical, and veterinary facilities. Nine years later, we began our transition into the design-build arena of the construction industry. These changes allowed us to expand our services to space planning, architectural and design for medical tenant improvement practices, while also still building practices from the ground up.

The internal changes have included utilizing new methods and technologies to ensure we are more efficient in our designs and our builds. This has led to better architectural designs, predictable timelines, and communication efficiency. Since instituting these methods and technologies, HM has been able to provide our clients with a better all-around customer experience.

The results of these changes have become tangible, as we have seen approximately 50 percent of our work coming from previous clients. It has been proof positive that our company continues to adapt, evolve, and innovate in the right direction.

Our Promise to Our Clients

At HM General Contractors, we continue to raise the bar for ourselves. We are never satisfied with mere success. We are constantly challenging ourselves to design better, build, and be better at every step.

Over the past near 20 years, HM General Contractors has built hundreds of practices spanning the Greater Houston area, as well as Austin and San Antonio. In everything that we have done and will do, innovation will continue to be our driving force.

At HM General Contractors, we pride ourselves in our work. If you are searching for a design and build company to construct your next building, contact us today. Our design team and our builders are here to make sure your entire project experience is successful and enjoyable.


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