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In dentistry, there are two pieces that always have to go hand in hand. Dentistry is part cosmetic (do my teeth look white and sparkly?) and part function (are my teeth strong and healthy?) At HM General Contractors, we know that your dental construction should mirror that. That is why we specialize in beautiful and functional construction. Your office should reflect who you are. Whether you are looking for a whimsical pediatric dentists office, a streamlined cosmetic dentistry location, or something totally different, our team has the creative drive to make your vision come to life.


Our Dental projects are just as functional as they are beautiful. From the beginning, we will work with you and your team to discover your biggest wishes for your new facility. We will help guide you through materials, design, and functionality of your space. Creating your dream workspace is our job. We want your team to be with us through every step, and excited to see the final unveiling of your design. From blueprints to building materials, we do dental construction best. With extensive experience in the industry, you can be sure your new dental office will be built with all your wants and needs in mind.


Houston is an amazing and diverse city, and we want all of our construction projects to reflect that fact. That is why we pay so much attention to detail in every piece of our process from the initial meeting all the way until your grand opening. Each dental clinic we build is as unique as the team we work with. We want your new clinic to reflect who your team is, and what you do. No two projects will be alike, and we never cut corners with design. Your project will be all yours. This means your new office will show your team’s personality from the inside out. Call HM General Contractors today to get started with your next dental construction project. 

HM General Contractors Houston Medical Construction

Houston Knows Medical - So Does HM General Contractors

Houston is an area well known for its booming medical industry. No matter how big or small the project, you want your new construction to stand out from the rest. Not only does your medical build need to be a unique expression of your vision, but it also needs to be up to strict medical codes. With HM General Contractors, it is easy to get both.


Our design team specializes in beautiful, functional design that meet strict medical codes. We are professionally trained to bring your vision to life, and guide you through the design and construction process while remaining within regulations. This means you will come out of the project with a stunning, unique, and incredibly functional facility that stands out from the crowd of medical businesses.


With countless medical builds throughout Houston, we know what works. No detail will pass by our design or build team. There is no need to worry throughout the process, we always stay up to date on medical code changes and the most recent regulations, as well as new trends in the design industry. There is no need to waste time with contactors who skirt codes and cut corners, resulting in extended build times and openings being pushed further and further back. You can always trust HM General Contractors to do the job efficiently, professionally, and do it right the first time.


If you are looking to create a new beautiful medical facility, or even if you are looking to do a major renovation on your existing medical facility, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable design team will guide you through creating the perfect space, while our contactors ensure everything is up to code and fully functional for your opening date. Let us help you be a part of the ever growing Houston medical industry with a beautiful new facility designed by HM General Contractors.

Houston Is Known for Medical. Let Us Build Your Next Clinic.

Houston is home to the world’s largest medical district. From Memorial Hermann and Methodist to Texas Children’s and Shriner’s, our city is the best in the world of medical. But it isn’t just the downtown medical center that has the best doctors and most skilled surgeons. There are countless other areas in the Greater Houston area that have great hospitals, medical clinics, and private practices.

At HM General Contractors, we are proud of the fact that we have built and designed many of Houston’s medical facilities. Our experience in the construction industry has allowed us to excel past our competitors. This experience and skill has continued to enable our clients to have their dreams come together in every aspect of the design-build phase.


If you are planning a new medical build, then you should consider HM General Contractors. Making certain that your hospital, clinic, or practice is built according to code is of the highest priority, and must be done in order to open your facility to the public. The last thing you want is for your clinic to be complete, but not be able to open due to code infractions conducted by the designer and builder.

Building a medical facility is different than building any other building. There are certain restrictions and guidelines that must be adhered to. This is why choosing an experienced Houston builder in this field is incredibly important.

Our designers and builders remain up to date on all of the recent codes required for building in the medical industry. We also make certain that our clients are informed of every step of this major process.

There are medical facilities being built in and around the Houston area on a consistent basis, so make sure your clinic will be built quickly, efficiently, and correctly by choosing our design-build construction company.

Contact HM General Contractors today and schedule a time at your convenience to receive a consultation from one of our designers.

Choose HM General Contractors to construct your fashionable optometry clinic in Houston.

Planning a New Optometry Clinic? Bring Your Vision to Life with HM

Optometry and fashion just seem to go together. At HM General Contractors, we know that a new optometry center needs to look good. When it comes to optometry clinics, it’s all about the visual.

Our design center enables new optometry business owners to pinpoint specific things that they want in order to make their vision center look better than the competition. Every client of HM sits with one of our experienced and highly skilled designers to discover all the possibilities of having their optometry clinic built by us.

Color arrangements, architecture, accessibility, character, target audience — all of these aspects go into the planning phase. Making the right choice about each can greatly impact your business. Making the wrong choice can do the same. This is why one of our requirements is that every client meets with one of our project designers to make certain that the designer, the client, and the builder will be on the same page moving forward.


Eyewear has become a major part of American life. From sunglasses to contact lenses, most vision patients don’t simply want to see well; they want to look good. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but they have also become a place for someone to display their fashion sense. Given that, our designers and builders understand that fashion plays a big role in the build of a vision clinic.

Houston is a fashionable city. Making certain your optometry office fits that feel is important. Our goal is to make sure your Houston optometrist center stands out for all the right reasons.


If you are planning to start your optometry business, then contact HM General Contractors to help you with the construction phase. Our experience level and skilled builders and designers will make the entire process from foundation to completion seamless.

Make Your New Houston Dental Clinic Stand Out

There are countless dental clinics in and around the Greater Houston area. From storefronts to stand alones, dental clinics often seem similar. At HM General Contractors, our design and construction team wants to make certain that your dental office - whether a storefront or a stand alone - looks different, and in a good way. You know what it takes to be a great dentist. We know what it takes to build a great dental clinic. Our design team sits with every one of our new clients and discusses the wishes, the necessities, and the capabilities behind building a new clinic. From there, we begin the design phase, which includes producing the blueprints of the construction.

The Design Phase of the Dental Construction Process

The design phase of the construction process allows the dental client to view what the dental clinic will look like before it is built. From specific measurements and desk locations to the amount of dental chairs and air vent locations, this hyper-detailed blueprint will ensure the client knows what to expect from their upcoming project.

Taking Care of the Building Process

Once the design of the dental clinic is agreed upon, the foundation is laid and the building process begins. Our turnaround time is quick because we understand how important it is for a dentist and their team to start working. Every build receives a thorough inspection from our team and the client. We are adamant about meeting every requirement placed upon our construction company by the city and state. We make certain not to leave anything out that could require more construction. That’s why we build it right the first time.

Pick HM General Contractors to Build Your Dental Clinic

If you’re planning a new dental clinic buildout, then do not hesitate to contact our general contractor team to make it happen. Our reputation for excellent work and customer service is unparalleled and we work hard to make certain every client is satisfied. We look forward to hearing from you to build your new office.


HM General Contractors specializes in construction and design. Our team of professional builders and designers can construct your practice, office, or building from the ground up, even from the blueprint stage.


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