HM General Contractors is a Texas-owned design-build construction company that specializes in building offices for practices in the medical, dental, and optometric industries. Our company was founded in 2000 and since then we’ve worked in a variety of medical environments, creating a custom experience for our clients from start to finish.

Our passion for design and customer satisfaction has put us at the forefront of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio’s construction services. We stand by our commitment to our clients, our quality service and craftsmanship, our honesty and transparency, and our ability to make each client’s experience easy and stress-free.

We work with your budget to help you design the office your practice needs at a price you can afford. Our facility consists of experienced architects and contractors that are dedicated to every aspect of the design-build process, including obtaining permits from the city and helping you obtain finished selections at wholesale prices. We have multiple rounds of quality control to ensure that every step of the process is exactly the way you want it.

Choose HM for Your Design or Construction Services

If you’d like a free consultation for either our design or construction services, contact us at 713-947-6548. We’ll discuss your individual needs and you can see if HM General Contractors is the right fit for your project.